We are mama Qucha and we are saving the ocean one bag at a time.

Founded in 2018, we started the company with the mission to reduce the number of single-use plastics ending up in the ocean in Peru.

By using the reusable shopping bag, you can save 170 plastic bags from ending up in the ocean in one year.




plastic bags

saved from entering the ocean by our environmentally conscious customers.

Our Commitment to the ocean

Founded in 2018, we have been continuously fighting to reduce the use of single-use plastics which are the single largest pollutants in our oceans.



Creating Meaningful Work

We help the segments of the society that find it hardest to find jobs. The bags are made by women who are currently serving a term in Prisons of Lima. 

Style & Sustainability

We believe that having a sustainable lifestyle shouldn't come at the cost of convenience or style. We provide products that are practical, stylish and sustainable.





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Email: consultas@mamaqucha.org

Mob: +51 997 911 394